Cinema I/O is a nomadic, non-profit microcinema currently housed within Good Weather (Little Rock) at 420 Byrd St.. The “I/O” in our name stands for “input/output,” which reflects our mission; fostering community engagement through diverse film programming that inspires creative action and dialogue. Our aim is to present underrepresented and underseen films in Little Rock.

Officially founded in 2023 by a small board of film enthusiasts after an invitation by Good Weather to share its space, Cinema I/O began as an offshoot of the Arkansas Times Film Series, curated by Omaya Jones since 2016 with help from programmers Michael Carpenter and Dave Thiedig and hosted by Riverdale 10 VIP Cinema in Little Rock.

Cinema I/O formed organically out of a desire to expand screening opportunities and create new spaces for conversation free from restraints of commercial appeal. So far, Cinema I/O has screened twelve films and seeks to organize programming on par with the country’s best arthouses, including cinemas close to home in Ragtag Cinema (Columbia,) the Belcourt Theatre (Nashville,) and Ciné (Athens.) With these models in mind, our goal is to raise film awareness in Little Rock while building a community strong enough to support funding of a true brick and mortar arthouse cinema.

“Wilderness of Waves: The Films of Olivia Wyatt” presents not only three documentary films by Wyatt at Cinema I/O, but our first large scale community event spearheaded by board member Jessi Perren, to raise funds for Wyatt’s 2026 Golden Globe Race, a solo sailing venture around the world. Cinema I/O is proud to host Wyatt, whose work reflects our mission, that by promoting world films, we may also foster peace among people.

For more information on Cinema I/O, including how to donate to our project, please visit www.cinemaio.org


Omaya Jones

Michael Carpenter

Jennifer Carman 

Layet Johnson

Jessi Perren

John Williams